African Round Up; A Chat with world-record breaking DJ OBi

We recently sat down with award-winning, record-breaking DJ OBi to find out what it's like to meet Diddy and what his favourite countries are.

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As part of our weekly African round up, we caught up with world-record-breaking and award-winning DJ, DJ OBi.

In case you’re wondering who Obi “DJ OBi” Ajuonuma is, he has worked with acts such as Lupe Fiasco, 2face, Lynxxx, Banky W, M.I and Naeto C to name a few in a career spanning over 8 years. He has also won the Nigerian Entertainment Award (NEA) for “World Best DJ” which he took home in 2011.

Of all the people OBi has met, he admits to being a major fan of Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs - who he has met a number of times - and DJ Black Coffee.

He even admitted to using Black Coffee’s work to introduce his friends to house music.

“I have never met Sade Adu but I think if I do, I’d go crazy. I think she’s a ghost. I’ve never seen her. I’ve never been around her… All you do is hear her music and see her at a concert which are always sold out. But you never see her anywhere else.”

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In addition to being a fan of house, OBi boasts a very diverse taste in music which he developed by listening to the music his cousins and sisters played as he was growing up.

“I really love playing here in SA because aside from people really loving to come out and party, they’re actually music lovers. They like to hear brand new stuff, they know their music and if you’re playing for a really diverse crowd, you’ll have no problems. The same goes for America,” said OBi.

Considering the fact that he broke the world record for the longest DJ set, the sets he plays now must not even feel that long.

He played for 229 hours and 58 minutes and gained global attention and support. During the record-breaking attempt, he was allowed 20-minute breaks every four hours and a one hour break every 12 hours.

“The world record was the one plan that could have put me on the map globally and that’s what the plan was, that’s what we were thinking and that's why we did it. I didn’t realize how crazy it was until I started it… but… I couldn’t stop, I had to continue,” said the DJ.

As a result, major international brands like Tag Heuer, Nike and Heineken have even reached out to work with OBi. It has also brought about travel opportunities.

“It’s a good opportunity to see the world and do what I love which is DJ-ing. Right now the world is my playground”

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When asked what he doesn’t like about the music industry and what he feel’s he could do to change it, OBi said he doesn’t like it when people stay in the same lane.

“There’s a new sound that comes out, I’d like to say… every 4 years and It’s cool for the first year or year and a half but then everyone ends up wanting to stay in that lane and then they all start sounding the same and then the people that are original and staying true to what they know, you now look at them as if they’re weird,” he said.

He stated that he wishes we could be more open-minded globally for music and just be able to accept different things and different sounds

“I like the fact that we evolve but let’s not stick to one lane or one channel.”

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