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DJ Sbu is determined to educate the youth about financial literacy

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For many years, we’ve witnessed DJ Sbu make big strides, the media personality has been in the industry for 17 years and today, the DJ launched his own school which is set to help kickstart many entrepreneurial journeys. 

DJ Sbu has been teasing towards the big announcement for weeks and he finally made the big reveal at Houghton this afternoon. The DJ launched the Hustlers Academy in partnership with 3Sixty Financial Services Group, his company, leadership 2020, the Sbusiso Leope Education Foundation and Regenesys Business school aim to help educate the youth about financial literacy and help them unleash their entrepreneurial spirits, here's what the DJ said at the launch.

“All of these years, I’ve also run an education foundation that has helped educate multiple, hundreds and hundreds of kids in South Africa, now in 2013, I set up a start-up company called leadership 2020, and we called it 2020 because of the 2020 vision that we had, that in the year 2020, we need to launch our own academy that we feel is relevant to the South African youth and our South African masses out there…”

DJ Sbu

Sbu then went on to add that he felt that the South African education system was outdated in a sense that the theory taught in schools could not always be applied after Matric.

“South African Education is irrelevant...not all of it of course...that’s the reason why I am where I am, because of education, but I believe they keep teaching us things that we do not need or do not use after we finish Matric, a lot of people do not know financial literacy, people can’t become entrepreneurs, people just can’t seem to get it right with the type of Education in South Africa…” 

As a solution driven individual who has run a record label which launched many household brands,  he has always been hands-on with his businesses and everything he gets involved in, be it a book launch or distributing his energy drink, Sbu has now leaped into his 5th organization in the hopes of changing millions of lives both in Africa and beyond the borders 

DJ Sbu and graduate

Through the Sbusiso Leope Education Foundation, the DJ has managed to educate thousands of people across the country, take a look at the video below.

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