Inside DJ Sbu's epic trip to Harvard

He may not be selling shares to coke yet but he is already enlightening some of America's brightest business minds

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Inside DJ Sbu's epic trip to Harvard

Earlier this year, we let you guys know that DJ Sbu was invited to speak at a business summit in the US and that day has finally come. 

The DJ - who will be launching his own digital platform next Monday - is currently in Massachusetts in Boston, in the United States following his talk about how technology is advancing life in Africa.

He confirmed the news by posting this letter a few days ago and he has been sharing snaps of the fun ever since. 

#360FinancialServicesGroup #Leadership2020 #MoFaya #MassivMetro #SLEF

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He actually looked super dapper ahead of his talk at MIT - and naturally, he HAD to have his MoFaya there. Proving that even getting fired by the SABC could never put him off his guerilla marketing tactics. 

And it wouldn't be a DJ Sbu trip without a few words of encouragement which he recorded outside Kirkland House - the dormitory that Mark Zuckerberg stayed in while he was a student at MIT (back when he and his friends invented Facebook).

Coincidentally, while Sbu was standing outside recording these videos, the student who now stays in Zuckerberg's old room came home and as fate (and a little convincing) would have it, he let Sbu in to see the room. Watch the exchange below: 

Wow! Only DJ Sbu guys... Only DJ Sbu.

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