Tweep raises eyebrows about Tira's involvement in Babes-Mampintsha saga

Could this really be the third hand that Mampintsha's been talking about?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | DJ Tira  | Top of The

DJ Tira

It's been one helluva whirlwind since Babes brought up allegations of being abused by her former lover Mampintsha. 

The ensuing media frenzy and overall reactions stemming from that one action have had people questioning if it was Masechaba's place to 'ambush' the story out of Babes, whether it's the truth and if not, then what's going on? But one theory which has been quietly doing the rounds is that of Tira's involvement in all of this. The following tweet has been doing the rounds

Hey? Though the tweep never revealed how she's gotten all this information she's been very sure about it. So sure in fact that she's kept the tweet up for the longest time. But could jealousy really spark one to do this? DJ Tira has just been making fun of these accusations posting pictures like the one below and even saying, in a tweet he's since deleted, that they should just make 'isandla ses'thathu' a hit song.

Tira nesandla

But he also sent out a cryptic tweet, seen below, which could be him trying to promo his new song, but also hinting at something else?

This story is getting wilder by the minute. We hope the truth, if it hasn't already, does eventually come out. 

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