DJ Zinhle on baby Kairo and moving on

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DJ Zinhle is keeping mum about her break-up with rapper AKA.

The DJ and businesswoman was interviewed on Gareth Cliff's show on CliffCentral on Tuesday morning but she didn't want to reveal details about her split. She made it clear that she has always been private about her relationship with the Levels hitmaker and was forced to confirm the relationship because they were going to have a baby together. 

Baby Kairo is now two months old and already has her mommy wrapped around her finger.  


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Speaking to Gareth, Zinhle said her daughter just started smiling a lot and laughing. "I cry every time. Kairo smiles and I just cry. It's so cute." 

When asked whether her little princess has any special talents, Zinhle said: "She's so cute right now. I think that's the only talent she has right now. But she loves dancing... uhm... granddaddy dances with her all the time, so we've had to get into the whole dancing thing with her. She loves it."

She said her daughter's smile is amazing, adding: "S

he's got an attitude, you know a little bit. She snaps when she's angry and then you haven't fed her and she doesn't want it anymore. But she's a cool kid." 

Zinhle seems to be all about Kairo and her work right now. The big question now seems to be whether or not she's ready to be in a new relationship? She said on the show: "I guess I'm gonna have to see what the universe throws at me, you know. I hope it throws, like, good things." 

She said she's not mentally ready for a relationship, though. "I think I'll be mentally ready when I know what kind of a guy I want for sure... When I have a definition of a guy, I haven't defined the person that I want next. Until then, I can't say I'm ready to see someone else."

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