DJ Zinhle doesn't see a lot of herself in Kairo

 Instead, the DJ and businesswoman has admitted that her daughter is more like her father, rapper AKA. 

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DJ Zinhle doesn't see herself in kenya

Kairo who is a carbon-copy of her father has little to no resemblance to her mom, DJ Zinhle which Zinhle finds to be quite funny at times.

She told Anele Mdoda on Real Talk with Anele: "She is affectionate and she's loving, which is something I feel like, the affection and the lovingness comes from Kiernan, 'cause Kiernan has always been that kind of a person." 

She described AKA as the "hug me, hold me, hold my hand" kinda guy.  

"And Kairo's like, she's gonna put her little hands around you, she loves sitting on the floor with me so she'll sit on the floor with me, and put her hands around my neck..."  

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Anele then asked: "So when you look at Kairo, physical attributes now, what reminds you of Kiernan?" 

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Zinhle replied: "Everything. Not that it reminds me of him, but when I see Kairo, it's just Kiernan. It's a copy of Kiernan. And the craziest thing is that she started walking like him recently. I'm just like 'Kairo you're a girl, come," the DJ laughed. 

"Like, you need to see Kairo walk. It is insane. I was laughing the other day, I'm just like 'yo, can you at least walk like me."  

Zinhle added that she doesn't see herself in Kairo.  

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