Is DJ Zinhle Inviting Drama Into Her Life?

Maybe she needs to rethink this.

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DJ Zinhle is a South African entertainer who is one of the most successful women in the country. She has won numerous honors, and her commercial acumen is second to none.

It's as though everything she comes into contact with turns to gold. But where did she begin? This article contains all of the information you require.

Its her birthday today, and as we wish her all the best, here are a few highlights from the star's recent past.

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Zinhle Invites AKA Back Into Her Life

This comes after AKA said that he wants to be a part of Asante's life and clearly DJ Zinhle has given him the green light. However, DJ Zinhle's new life now involves Murdah Bongz and Murdah being Asante's father is not happy about this.

“Kiernan is more open to the idea of having this family but Bongani is just taking his time. He is not in a rush and I also need to respect Bongani’s wishes and how he wants to roll this whole thing out,” she said. Now, fans think Zinhle should stop forcing them together.

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Pearl Thusi Brings DJ Zinhle To Tears

We're here for media personalities Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle's friendship aspirations. Finding a true friend in Celebville can be difficult because there are so many fake and fraudulent people, but the two make us feel that true friendship can exist.

Zinhle published a teaser for the forthcoming episode of her reality show Unexpected on Instagram, and Pearl's thoughtful gesture touched many hearts. Pearl was overjoyed because she had planned a surprise baby shower for her best friend.

Zinhle, Pearl, and their children were shown walking down the corridor to the room where the baby shower is taking place in the teaser. Sis walked into the room blindfolded and was greeted by a stunning baby shower centerpiece.

Pearl asked her to look behind, and what she found made her cry.

DJ Zinhle Gushes Over Her Baby Daddy

DJ Zinhle finally found the kind of love that every woman desires. That kind of love in which you feel as if your entire universe is missing without your spouse. And that is just how she feels. Murdah Bongz is a must-have for the BLVD CEO. And she has expressed it unequivocally.

The mother of two, who is currently dating Murdah Bongz, the father of her second child, has a hectic schedule. But she needed to take a break simply to gush about Murdah Bongz. She stated, "It's really childish how I can't live without Murdah Bongz."

But, did we mention how Murdah snatched her heart? Zinhle gushed about it to her fans, calling it the finest act she'd ever seen. "What do you want to know?" Zinhle began, kicking off a Q&A session. "How did Bongani show you that he likes you?" a curious follower inquired.

Bongani knocked Zinhle out with a sample of an old letter she sent to her father shortly after his death in 2010. Bongani discovered it in an old collection and decided to make a new album out of it.

DJ Zinhle Comes For Umalambane

Zinhle, Africa's number one female DJ, slammed the President of Black Twitter South Africa, Umalambane, for stifling the progress of female DJs in the country.

Lamiez Holyworthy was the top trending topic on Twitter after trolls body shamed her and she became enraged. This came after she shared a photo of herself wearing shorts and a catfish account said she was a man stuck in a female body.

Lamiez is no stranger to being called a guy or body shamed, but she expressed her dissatisfaction with the situation. The trolls' rude comments tickled the entertainers' feathers, so she came out firing weapons to retaliate. She slammed bogus accounts that are continually projecting their vulnerabilities onto others. She expressed her dissatisfaction with the continual body shaming she has been subjected to.

DJ Zinhle Responds To Man Criticizing Her

DJ Zinhle surprised her fans by not only confirming her long-rumored pregnancy, but also announcing that viewers will be able to witness it all on her reality show, 'DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected.'

The adoring mother of one, soon to be two, is all about positivity and does not allow any negative energy into her home. This comes after a video of a man criticizing her for having her second child with a man she is not married to surfaced on YouTube.

The same man, whose station is called Solomons Temple, and who interviewed Bishop Makamu's claimed victim after the sex scandal surfaced, chastised Zinhle for being a negative role model for other young females. This comes after the country saw an alarming increase in teen pregnancies. Where, though, is the link between the two?

Dj Zinhle's Preference For Younger Men

DJ Zinhle gave her followers an open and honest Q&A a while back, in which she revealed a few information about her relationship with Murdah Bongz and her dating preferences.

In her partnerships, the 37-year-old businesswoman and DJ claimed that age is just a number, but she does have a preference: they must be younger.

We witnessed it with her public relationship with her 33-year-old baby daddy, Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes. Their relationship did not end well because they were on and off, but Kairo Forbes, a beautiful baby girl, was born out of it.
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