#DMF: Rudolf's English Exhausted Us

No one speaks like this in their everyday lives

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By now we all know how Date My Family works and how someone ends up meeting with three families in order to find his/her perfect match for a night out on a date.

However, on Sunday night's recent episode of the reality show we did not expect that we would need to take out our dictionaries in order to understand what Date My Family bachelor - Rudolf Malaka was saying.

Honestly, the man exhausted us, just when you thought you knew English, this brother comes through with his higher grade version of the language to cause more confusion.


When watching the show you would've realised that there was absolutely no need for him to speak like that, it was not like he was sitting around language connoisseurs who were competing to see who had the best vocabulary.

The man was just being extra and he knows it.

He really confused a lot of viewers and we firmly believe that there were many people who had to rewind the episode a few times in order to try understand what he was saying.

Bombastic words are a no, no Rudolf.

We're also not sure if he was trying to impress the families but it just did not go down well for him. To a certain extent he even began to annoy a lot of viewers.

Twitter FBI recently found out that Rudolph appeared on Forbes magazine as "Most Promising Entrepreneur," after people thought that he was lying when he mentioned it on the show.

Ok, we'll admit that, that was the only thing impressive about him.

While others have mentioned that Date My Family isn't the same anymore as it's clear that there are some people who are just trying to push their own agenda's on the show and we somewhat agree. Sometimes the show just seems to be a bit too scripted for our liking.

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