Emtee: "Kids out there shouldn’t aim to be like me or AKA"

With all eyes being on Africa now, Emtee wants everyone to find their own light.

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Emtee is one controversial rapper who always gets bashed for his lean addiction, but he is very vocal about knowing exactly where he is going; juggling business, family, and friends are the only things that are mostly of interest for the rapper and not becoming a role model.

After going through various obstacles in his life back in 2014, Emtee revealed in a recent interview on Cliff central that he is more focused than ever as he worked hard to get to where he is today

“As easy as it may look, there’s obviously ups and downs but as far as I can remember, the only time I really really experienced a bad time was before 2015. The last bad days I had were in 2014, since then it’s always been, up, up but obviously with the amount of shows I’m getting  I get fatigued but it’s what I’ve been wanting my whole life, I can't stop no matter what.”


Emtee went on to add that becoming a father has made him become more strict with himself saying that it was one of the reasons behind him quitting liquor.

“I quit liquor and I quit a whole lot of things I was doing I just grounded myself anticipating my baby boy [His 2-year-old first born - Avery.] So around that time I was really just strict on myself, if it’s not studio, if I ’m not going to make any money, then I’m not going there, yeah so it toughened me up, my boy needs milk, he needs...all of that."


The rapper is very adamant about not being the greatest inspiration and says that he doesn’t want kids to want to be like him or any other rapper, but instead become the best version of themselves

“I’m not perfect, I went through my ups and downs, even till this day, I’m still learning a lot of things and I feel like kids out there shouldn’t aim to be like me or Aka or whoever else, it’s Africa’s time now create your own thing, be a leader. For example, Roll Up was just a fun song, I didn’t even write the song, but that’s the song that changed my life, so it’s like hey, just have fun with it and for me...that's why I come with my son to some of my interviews so that he will know that I’m actually working."

Having started his rap career at just thirteen years old, Emtee is ready to groom other artists and help build their career under his record label ATM.

“I have a couple of artists which I just signed under the label I just opened, which is ATM, we just want to establish ourselves first before we can start giving out opportunities. We just want a solid foundation, so we can just start helping people the right way but we will be signing more artists as we get older."

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