Emtee's Pearl Thusi kids edition

When the kids love it, just know you've done a superb job.

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Pearl thusi emtee

You know your track is a real hit when even toddlers are jamming to it.

Since he stepped up to the plate with his hit single, Roll Up, Emtee has not seen a day without success, from buying himself a new Mercedez-Benz, winning awards and let's not forget the money that has been rolling into his bank account, life is really sweet for the rapper.

And judging by the amount of young fans who love his single "Pearl Thusi" Emtee can really put up his feet and relax he has served the youth of this country very well with this song.

Look at these little ones dabbing with their tiny arms....too cute.

Oh and then there's uboy, argh his dab is too cute for words, he doesn't even need the song to play in the background to do his Pearl Thusi dab, this is how a dab looks like with added Aromat.

😂😍😂😍😂 . Cava the dab 😎 #Repost @therealsenzosa ・・・ #Dabbing #PearlThusi

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See with the kids it's not about knowing the lyrics it's about delivery and that's all that matters.

MY BABIES !!!! Lil' CUBZ !!! 😍 😂❤️😂❤️ . #Repost @mphowza_flow ・・・ Lol #PearlThusi

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"Uh naaah, naaah Pearl Thusi....Pearl Thusi.....uh naaah naaah Pearl Thusi."  

Now don't act like you knew what Michael Jackson was saying in his lyrics when you were a kid, like when he was singing "Beat it..Beat it..."  That time you're busy yelling "Beeeedeh....beeeedeh!!".

It looks like I'm hiding but I'm actually dabbing, daddy is my hype man.

Young dab... #PearlThusi

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 Emtee needs to make a second video of the Pearl Thusi song but with the kids in it, the young ones even brought out the grannies to join in on the fun.

As the cool kids would say, the situation at the school hall was a "lituation"!

Wish school assemblies were like this when we were kids....what a time!

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