It's Hard Being An Artist

It sure is

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The grass isn't always greener on the other side of the valley is it?

Most of the time as fans, we are lead to believe that the life of artists, especially musicians, is one filled with glitz, glamour and lots of money but in fact, sometimes the life lead by musicians is a complicated one filled with a lot of pressure, confusion and stress.

Over the weekend, we sadly watched as more drama unfolded between Ambitiouz Entertainment and its artist - Emtee.

Last week, Emtee posted a tweet that concerned many of his fans with regards to his relationship with the record label, the tweet read:

"I know my supporters want me to prosper #FreeEmtee"

For some time now, Emtee has expressed his wish to leave Ambitiouz. However, it may seem as though the artist is contractually bound to remain with the record label until an agreement that suits both parties has been reached.

The label has remained relatively quiet about this situation as Emtee fans continue to demand that the label set him free. However, on Sunday afternoon, Ambitiouz posted several tweets about the situation.

In the first tweet, the label mentioned how it is unfortunate that they are now forced to release information about the affairs of the artist.

They then followed up with another tweet, which mentioned that they would release a statement that would be available to the public but not before clearing everything out with their legal team. However, this statement was never released.

The public has expressed its distaste towards the label and still demand that Emtee be released from the label as soon as possible.

Sjava also expressed how difficult it is to be an artist in a tweet he posted last week; the post was retweeted by Emtee and many others who offered their support to Sjava and Emtee.

Last year, rapper - Priddy Ugly also left the label after signing to Ambitiouz for a few months.

His exit from Ambitiouz was quite abrupt, but the rapper made it clear that there was no love lost between him and the label and that they were helping in making a swift and clean exit from the organization.

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