Mbali Mlothswa shares her pregnancy journey

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Mbali Mlotshwa has detailed some of her pregnancy experiences.

The mother of two hosted a high tea in Sandton, Johannesburg, on Saturday. The event was attended by mothers, pregnant women and those who are still planning to have children. 

Mbali has two sons, Anesu and Asante, with her husband DJ Black Coffee

"The first pregnancy was a breeze. The second pregnancy, to put it bluntly, it sucked. The second pregancy sucked. I had a mouth full of spit half the time..." 

Although it wasn't the easiest, Mbali said when her son came out, it was amazing. 


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The part she didn't like about her second pregnancy was being nauseous throughout the day. "So I have no idea why they call it 'morning sickness' if you're sick throughout the day," she joked. 

"I hated it. See, I was shooting Rockville... I had pretty intimate scenes and no one knew I was pregnant, but I was composed because I was trying to get my glands not to release as much spit. 

"So here I was with uncle Shona Ferguson, and he's like 'something's different with your face this season' I'm like 'yeah, I know what it is but I'm not gonna tell you'. I had the pout, I couldn't spit on set and I was feeling nauseous..."

Another problem was finding the right clothes. 

"SE Preggoz was born with my first one. I could not find clothing." She said the clothes were unflattering. "I'm a tiny girl, I'm a young girl. We always wanna feel sensual, whether pregnant or not... I decided to get someone to make clothing for me and there was a lot of interest..." 

Her first pregnancy range was launched in New York this year and the second one will be available on her website on Monday.

Mbali also revealed how she got her tummy back after giving birth to her son. 

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