Exclusive: ZAlebs chats to Big Brother!

In an exclusive sit down, Biggie gives us the low-down on everything we want to know about being Big Brother.

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He’s probably the most recognizable voices in the local entertainment industry. His signature voice automatically makes you sit up straight and pay attention to his every word.

The other interesting aspect about Big Brother is his incognito identity. No one knows how Big Brother actually looks like.

So after our readers requested we find out who Biggie was we were on a mission, which was basically 90% successful.

big brother

Yes, we scored an interview with him but Biggie’s team made sure that his identity remained unknown, yeah guys, it’s THAT serious. Biggie is basically like a top secret agent that no one knows, he could basically pass you in the mall and you wouldn’t know it’s him unless he starts talking.

When we finally managed to chat to Biggie over the phone it was quite an interesting experience. We literally felt like we were in a diary session with him. He even jokingly asked us to make sure our microphones were on, real smooth Biggie.

Big Brother's job is quite demanding as it requires for him and his voice to be constantly in character, however, we asked if Big Brother ever lost his voice during a season of the Big Brother reality show and he admitted that there was a time he actually did.

Luclay and Karen

“I almost did lose my voice in one of the Big Brother seasons, I think it was during Big Brother Amplified with Karen & Luclay.

Two or three days before the season started I lost my voice completely, it wasn’t the flu or anything, I think it was just nerves. I went to the doctor and there was nothing they could do, when that happened I freaked out obviously but as Big Brother, you always have a backup plan so I took a few remedies & I was back in action.”

Biggie has been the voice for the reality show for 10-years now, he went on to reminisce about his first time in the Big Brother house and his experience with his first housemates.

“Wow, see when you start something, you don’t really think you will be doing it for as long I’ve done Big Brother. But if everything is in place in terms of the support system all will go well. I want to say that Big Brother is not just one person, Big Brother is actually a team of about 150+ people.

On the first day I arrived, it was my second year as a voice artist, they wanted someone who was unknown and was not in the industry. I remember when I went on to audition for the show I auditioned alongside the likes of DJ Fresh, Peter Ndoro & Akin Omotoso and I made it through as a nobody and that alone was such a humbling experience. But I won’t lie on my first season every day was a mission, I was fairly nervous but I made it work.”


It’s quite interesting considering that for a long time we were convinced that Big Brother was actually Akin Omotoso, we guess we were completely off the mark.

Considering that Big Brother is also an experienced voice artist he also gave us a few pointers for all you aspiring voice artists out there.

“I’d like to first add that before I became a voice artist I had no formal training whatsoever, so sometimes you just gotta do it, man.

If you have the guts and you feel that you have a passion for something the best thing to do is to just get your feet wet. Just go out, do it and once you’re in there listen to directions.

In terms of being a good voice artist, there is no such, anyone can be a voice artist as long as you equip yourself with the proper information, knowledge and a lot of practice."

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Interesting facts about Big Brother:

He actually is a real big brother to two younger siblings.

He is a father.

He's also directed some of the Big Brother seasons in the past.

Him and Akin Omotoso are mutual friends.

He’s been the Big Brother voice for five seasons of Big Brother Africa & two for Mzansi Magic.

He’s worked on many productions like the MTV Base VJ Search and the Million Rand Money Drop.

Big Brother is clearly a man of many talents!

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