Watch: Queen Twerk gets a nose job

Baby girl didn't even need it 

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Watch: Queen Twerk gets a nose job

South African twerk sensation, Queen Twerk, who recently rebranded using her birth name, Faith Nketsi has got that Kim K thing... 

No, not her butt.  

Nketsi has that star quality that just draws you into her life. Next thing you know, you've spent two minutes watching snapchat videos of her playing with her dog and it doesn't even feel like a waste of time. As such, her Instagram and snapchat stories are usually quite interesting. 

Over the past few weeks the social media sensation has been visiting the Skin Renewal Aesthetic clinic in order to get a few procedures done to enhance her looks. 

It started with some facials fat freezing and she has now graduated to nose jobs. The thing about her nose job however is that it is a non-invasive version of the highly popular procedure. 

According to the clinic's website, the bon-surgical nose job (also called, 3D Rhinoplasty at a Glance), involves injecting hyaluronic acid together with a specially designed PDO thread called the Broom. Key areas around the nose are treated to help heighten, define and shape up the nasal bridge. 

Due to its non-invasive nature, it can be done in one's spare time without taking to much time out of one's schedule. 

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How much does it cost? 

According to Skin Renewal's price list, pricing starts at about R1,850.00. After watching Faith's experience? Would you dare?

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