Farieda Metsileng on becoming an actress and getting advice from Moshe Ndiki

Farieda Metsileng has got big plans for her career.

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Farieda Metsileng

27-year-old Youtube sensation Farieda Metsileng is known for her talent of channelling four different witty characters with different accents and with her passion for acting, Farieda has big plans for her career.

Speaking to Jeannie D on Afternoon express, Farieda shared that her being the loudest amongst her friends in High school helped her make her decision to become an actress at just grade 10.   

“I wanted to become an actress for a very long time, it’s been my life long dream but I couldn’t go through the avenues that were needed to get an agent to go through to auditions, so after having studied at AFDA for a year, I was like ok...I can’t continue, let me get an internship. I got an internship at Red Pepper and then I stopped working in 2015...”

Farieda went on to add that she had her former boss supporting her career and is the reason why she started using social media to showcase her talent.

“...my former boss said to me, what’s happening with your acting career, and I said, no one wants to hire me and she said well...use your social media platforms, create a character and that’s how it started..”

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Farieda channels four different characters on her platforms, four which all have different characters. Mark, Chrystal, Nthabisang and Shaqwana, all inspired by everyday people stories.

“I’m a people watcher, I watch people I watch mannerisms, I do it with my friends, so I study you and I pick up on things you would do...and I draw a certain personality that will kind of infuse with what I’m trying to do...”

Though Farieda was on social media, she admits she didn’t know exactly how to make her passion lucrative for her and looked at Youtube star – who is also an actor - Moshe Ndiki.

“I didn’t know anything about social media...the guy that taught me everything thing I know is actually Youtube star Moshe and he said to me create a Youtube channel, post videos, have a hashtag...”

 With over 20 000 views on Youtube, Farieda says she might be looking into doing a one-man show one day.

I just want to create a one-man show, and have all the characters to interact...not sure how that's gonna happen, might go insane after that but we’ll see where it goes..”

Check out this throwback video interview we once did with her when she was on the come up.

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