Fikile says she's Atandwa Kani's first wife

Here we go again! Did Fikile Mthwalo just say that?! 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Fikile Mthwalo  | Top of The

Atandwa Kani and Fikile Mthwalo

We have been glued to the Thembisa Mdoda - Atandwa Kani  - Fikile Mthwalo situation all year. The former lovebirds' split created a lot of drama, with Atandwa even revealing that he's not the father of Thembisa's twin boys following their split and his subsequent marriage to his new co-star. 

In a recent interview with True Love magazine, Fikile Mthwalo-Kani, admitted that talking about Thembisa is difficult because it's not her story to tell, but Atandwa's. 

"I never feel awkward about it because my focus is always on my marriage and love for my husband. What bugs me is how the media portrayed our union negatively, whereas there are so many positives to it," she said. 

She also told the monthly magazine that no matter what she says about what happened between Atandwa and Thembisa, people would never believe her as they've drawn their conclusions, labelling her a homewrecker. 

Mthwalo-Kani then made it clear that Atandwa and Thembisa were never married, despite Thembisa referring to the actor as her "ex-husband" in an interview on VUZU's The Cover.  

"As far as I know - and Home Affairs will back me up - I'm his first wife and any child Atandwa will have with me will be his first," she told the publication. 

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