Five albums that should be in every South African household

When you go to any black household in South Africa, there are always things that you're guaranteed to bump into. 

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Every house has a room divider (basically, a cupboard which doubles up as a TV stand), those ceramic ornaments and that sacred China. 

But another thing which is also always there are these classic South African albums. 

1. TKZee's Halloween 

Who could ever forget the sacred trio? This album is such an important part of kwaito culture in SA so it came as no surprise that it is in practically every household in the hood. With an unskippable tracklist this song was the soundtrack of 1999 summertime. 


2. DJ Fresh's Fresh House Flava 4

While people were in panic mode because of Y2K (you remember very well) back in the townships people were getting down to 'Summer Daze'. This 13 track compilation was bumping out of almost every taxi that turned the corner when we were closing off 1999. 

3. Zola - Mdlwembe 

The debut album of the then budding Yizo Yizo 2 actor (also from Soweto). His portrayal of uPapa Action in the series made him a crowd favourite off the get so it was no surprise when this album sold STACKS. The quality of the storytelling and the skits made it a proper audio-visual experience. 

Zola Mdlwembe

4. Mthunzi Namba - Send Your Glory

If it wasn't the sounds of Ukhozi FM that were waking you up in the mornings, your mom was probably blasting this album. Containing so many Sunday favourite such as 'Nkosi ndisimamise' and 'Umoya wam'. take a deep dive kwi-room divider. You'll find this one amongst the Joyous Celebration discs. 

Mthunzi Namba

5. TIED: between Kabelo's Everybody Watching and Tokollo's Ndabezitha

When one of the greatest groups of all time started talking about doing solo work, everybody got scared. Surprisingly, though 2 albums came from that 'hiatus' Kabelo and Tokollo's respective debuts - 'Everybody Watching' and 'Ndabezitha.' Those albums shot these already household names to superstardom and it showed that each man could exist outside the group.


What albums do you believe should be in every household? 

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