Five new school love song collaborations that could work

We all like dreaming and in this instance we're imagining the perfect new school collaborations.

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Whoever said these new kids on the block don't know anything about love LIED. I mean, look at how they always gush on about their moms, that's love.

Unfortunately, classic collaborations which show their ability to love are few and far in-between. I mean, when last did you hear a classic collabo where the beauty (usually a songstress) is matched with the beast (usually the rapper)? So, to help labels out we've put together a list of potentially awesome love song collabos that would work for the new school. 

1. AKA and Moneoa

Wouldn't it be awesome to put two artists who are thriving in their chosen lanes (AKA is a rapper first before a pop star and Moneoa is a mean vocalist) on one track? I mean, I can hear it now. Sample Mercy Phakela's 'Ayashis' Amateki', chop it up and the song would basically be about having commitment issues. 

WHITE ON WHITE. 📸 by @blaq_smith

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2. A-Reece and Londie London

We know, we know. A-Reece and Ambitiouz. But listen, we see the vision. The song would be about rebuilding a broken relationship. Two lovers who had to break up because of distance but eventually found each other again. Right? Right?! See the vision. 

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3. Sjava and Amanda Black

Even if it's simply to sample her part on LaSauce's 'I do' people always melt when it comes to guys talking about their pre-wedding/marriage nervousness. She'd just slide through with those calming vocals and adlibs to seal the deal. 

4.  Nadia Nakai and Zano

This might seem ambitious but think about it. Have you ever had a heartfelt single from Nadia? Her version of Nicki's Right Thru Me? I mean, ever? Even the great Bragga needs to show that she's about that love life. Having heard Zano you can also see how that would work.

Trust me, I'm working.... 📸 @lashshots

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5. Zamajobe and Samthing Soweto 

This would basically be a battle of the vernacular artists. Sam would do his thing in the background and LaSauce would come in and lyrically belt out throughout the song.

Which other dueo's do you believe would be able to make a dope hit if put together? Share them with us.

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