Five Xhosa brothers who can SING

Today we highlight 5 brothers of Xhosa descent who have the game on lock.

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I have this thing: if I like a song enough, I'll probably play it like 1 000 000 times. The latest victim of this overplaying is 047's 'Ubuhle' featuring Vusi Nova. 

One thing I noticed though was how everyone in the video was SINGING. Not singing, but SINGING, I'm talking runs, vibrato everything. Then I realised that majority of my favourite male singers in SA were amadoda akwaXhosa. So, today I'm counting down the 5 who have always stuck out. 

1. Ringo Madlingozi

Ringo's basically made EVERY wedding playlist ever. Are you even having your reception if one of his classics aren't played (except for 'Ndiyagodola', that's for the single people). Besides that, he's managed to cover every other aspect of being a black person in love and otherwise. 

Ringo Madlingozi

2. Ntando

Don't look at me like that. When the man had his streak, he had his STREAK! Whether he was featuring on a Brown Dash song ('Mgezeni' is a classic) or just flexing on his own (your family holidays were not made without dancing to 'Dali Wam'') you knew you were getting vocals from the former TS Records signee. 


3. Nathi

Though a recent addition to this mix, going platinum (it's probably gotten more since, it's been a long time) he's managed to have every woman named Nomvula proclaiming, with pride that THEY are the Nomvula he's referring to. Anyone who can create that type of hype needs to get recognised. 

Nathi main.PNG

4. Vusi Nova 

My first bite of Vusi came in the form of him covering an Etta James song. I could hear the range then but I think since he's moved into being a fully-fledged Afro-Soul singer he's become that much of a force to be reckoned with. To be honest, his part on the 047 track is what got me to thinking about how good Xhosa male singers are. 

Vusi Nova

5. Dumza Maswana

Youtube recommendations come in very handy when you want to discover new music. The SAMA nominee and South African Jazz Awards winner has a number of accolades to his name and has the range to back it up. Tethering between Jazz and Afro-Soul he's found a home in many a music lovers home.

Now, we're not saying other ethnicities can't sing, we're just showing appreciation to the Xhosa brothers. We'll do another shout out, soon enough. 

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