#OPW: Mr and Mrs Radzilani's perfect wedding

Seriously, this was a perfect wedding.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Florence Radzilani  | Top of The

Often times, when we watch Our Perfect Wedding (OPW) and witness a couple saying that their wedding was a perfect one, we tend to wonder if they genuinely mean it, or they're just saying it for the camera. Well, if we're completely honest with ourselves, some weddings tend to turn out to be flat-out disasters.

Thankfully, we've also had the pleasure of witnessing weddings that were genuinely perfect. Exhibit A: Monique and Ndume's matrimony which aired on OPW this past Sunday.

Apart from them being a lovely and attractive couple, they both understood the value of preparation.  

From the get-go, you could see that this was a well-thought-out ceremony –  from the decor, cake, attire and even the venue.
There is nothing as cringe-worthy as having to witness people getting stressed out about their wedding day on national television, especially when their special day is just days away.   

Stress was the last thing on Monique and Ndume's minds as they were all smiles throughout the entire episode. Again, these are the great benefits of planning.

We also appreciated the union between both families, especially considering that this was an interracial wedding. It was yet another reminder that amidst all of the racial differences we've been experiencing as a country lately, true love will forever bypass any negativity.

We unfortunately did not get the chance to see the Radzilanis traditional wedding, but thanks to those who did attend, the traditional ceremony looked just as perfect as the white wedding.

Yep, this was definitely their perfect wedding.

In other news, it seems like Ndume might actually have a long lost twin.

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