The funniest #AddPolonyToAMovieTitle submissions

Seeing as listeriosis is all that South Africans can talk about, we took a look at the funniest submissions to the trending topic 

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The funniest #AddPolonyToAMovieTitle submissions

No matter how serious the situation, you can always count on South Africans to find the humor in it. So much so that this type of response has become the go-to coping mechanism for the country at large. 

The latest problem we've had to collectively face is the listeriosis outbreak which has now been linked back to foods that are a favourite among South Africans; ready-to-eat cold meat products and some batches of chicken. 'Polony' has been trending for days so some South Africans decided to add it to iconic movie titles. Check out the hilarious results:

A throwback to a classic.

Popular amongst stoners.

If you want to get romantic.

For the fashion lovers.

Tyler Perry might just use this one.

And we know this one is not technically a movie but it takes the trophy! 

Movie titles aren't the only things that got the polony treatment, a few songs were reworked as well: