The funniest tweets from #FinePeopleFromSouthAfrica

South African people don't think they're hot.

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This has to be the one trending hashtag that fellow South Africans think we should not participate in. Why? Well, because some of us aren't exactly physically appealing. Ouch!

Each country has been tweeting the most beautiful citizens in their country, but before South African's could even tweet our very own attractive people, there were many who were pessimistic about the country taking on such a mammoth, especially on social media.Β 

We had a look at some of the funniest tweets thus far and let's just say we can be our worst enemy at times.

Agreed, we just have a lot of things going on right now.

Man! they even had to bring through the Jerry meme, guess we're really struggling against other countries.

Eish, true maybe we should try again next year?

Β Wow! drag your own fellow countryman why don't you. But let's be honest, homegirl has a point.


And the women had a response for the above tweet.

We appreciate the advise sis'. Each one teach one and with that, guys, let's do better, the lady just gave us a free tutorial.Β 

But hold on a minute, we do have some fine South Africans.Β 

Exhibit A:

Thank you for the fix brother!

And shout out to Simphiwe Dana. Yes!

In the meantime some South Africans are still not convinced.

What are your thoughts on the hashtag, shall we continue or just stop?

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@SimphiweDana