Girl Power: Gail and Zoe Mabalane

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There is nothing we love more than that mother and daughter love. From the matching outfits to the play date days. Gail and Zoe are our celebrity mother and daugther goals.

Here are just some of our favorite mother daughter pictures from the two ladies:

Matching cheerleaders


One thing the Mabalane girls love doing together is being daddy's cheerleaders whenever he partakes in marathons. With Gail and Zoe rooting him on, it's no wonder Kabelo is always determined to finish a race.

Girls that hustle together stay together

Mabalane 2

When you're dressed in your best business attire but your daughter wants to accompany you to every business meeting, interview and photoshoot in her P.J's. So cute.

And vice-versa....


When you're trying to play with other kids but mommy wants to join in on the fun as well.

Wedding Vibes


Cuteness overload!!

Selfies...just for control

Mabalane 5

Even when Zoe is mean-muggin' she still looks adorable.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Gail_Mabalane

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