[Photos] Inside The Late Ginimbi's House And Rich Lifestyle

His legend lives on

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News of the late Genius Kadungure, aka Ginimbi’s sudden death, came as a shock to many, this happened when he got involved in a grisly car crash in 2020 that claimed his life and that of his three friends.

Ginimbi who was the founder and until his untimely passing, the CEO of Pioneer Gases alongside other businesses was known for his lavish lifestyle that involved living in giant mansions, driving the most expensive cars around and of course throwing the most lavish of parties.

Born in Zimbabwe in 1984, Ginimbi managed to beat all the odds to become a millionaire at a young age, and although he died young, he did live his life to the fullest.

This article looks at Ginimbi’s house which was the epitome of his wealth and taste for opulence and luxury.

Where was Ginimbi’s house located?

Ginimbi’s house was located in his home village of Nyamande Village, Domboshava, located about 39 km from Zimbabwe’s capital city- Harare. 

In 2013 after the completion of the mansion, it is reported that Ginimbi held a three-day party in celebration of his new house.

Cool features of Ginimbi’s house

Ginimbi’s house in Domboshava was considered one of the best celebrity mansions in the region. To begin with, the multi-storied house sat on around four acres of land with a spectacular topography.

Ginimbi outside his house, source: Instagram

Incorporating his love for fashion in the design of his house, Ginimbi had the Versace logo etched on the doors of the house.

Ginimbi, source: Instagram

The mansion had six bedrooms, each furnished with en-suite facilities like bathrooms, king-sized beds estimated to cost thousands of dollars, LED screen televisions, luxuriant carpets, and classic decor.

While the ground floor consisted of a reception area, a home gym, a home cinema, a fully equipped modern kitchen and guest bedrooms, the upper floor hosted more bedrooms including the master bedroom and a home office.

Ginimbi's garage, source: Instagram

The house also had a giant swimming pool and a series of garages for his many sleek cars which he loved to flaunt.

Ginimbi, source: Instagram

The massive compound had plenty of trees and well-manicured flowers and lawns, and several garden statues and sculptures sitting in front of the house gave the palatial home a taste of artistic aesthetics.

How much was Ginimbi’s house worth?

The late Ginimbi at home, source: Instagram

Going by how magnificent and opulent Ginimbi’s house was, you’ve probably guessed that it must have cost him millions, and you know what? You are absolutely right.

During a court session in 2016, the late billionaire revealed that his Domboshava house was worth about 20 million.

Did Ginimbi have other houses?

Yes, according to sources, Ginimbi had other mansions in both Botswana and South Africa where he operated his chains of business.

His Botswana mansion was located in Phakalane Golf Estate, Gaborone and among other things, the modern palatial home had a wine cellar, a swimming pool, and a garden.

Details about his South African house are not available at the moment.

Who inherited Ginimbi’s house?

Ginimbi's sister, Nelia, source: Instagram

After Ginimbi’s death, the question of who would inherit his property came to light and some speculated his ex-wife- Zodwa Mkandla as the sole heir of the mansion.

When the inheritance case was brought to the high court for review by Ginimbi’s sisters and father, Ginimbi’s will was nullified as it lacked a valid signature and date and the judge ruled that Ginimbi had died intestate.

This news made Ginimbi’s family the sole heirs of his property including his house, among other things.

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