Gigi LaMayne's female rap reality

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Gigi LaMayne  | Top of The

So we’ve been getting tired of regular, boring interviews on ZAlebs. That’s not to say that our local celebrities are boring (Nor am I suggesting that our writers are boring!) but we’ve been looking for something a bit different and when Gigi LaMayne came into the ZAlebs studios last week, I think we found it.

She came in at a time when Pulane was trending and Twitter was homing in on Nomuzi Mabena’s rap verse. See, female rap, in South Africa, is a very interesting topic of conversation right now. We’ve got Nomuzi launching a career, young talented people like Rouge making an impact and of course someone as enthusiastic and energetic as Gigi Lamayne coming through as well.

From the moment she walked in, the mood of the room changed and I just knew this would be an exciting interview when she hit me with her intro:

“For those who don’t know me my name is Gigi LaMayne and I’m a soldier stuck in a little girl’s body. I was born in SA and have moved around a lot. My dad was actually a soldier for real. I’m really weird. I got 5 distinctions in Matric and I’m at Wits University, but I want to be a rapper. Thankfully my mother has supported me from day one!”

Like many people, I first came across Gigi LaMayne when she won the Jack Daniels Music Scouts competition, an event that she agrees catapulted her career. But Gigi LaMayne’s actual rap career began years ago.

“I always used to watch those 8-Mile type of rap battles when I was younger and I had been performing and attending events since I was a teenager. “

So then we got into the crux of the interview; female rap. The bottom line was: Why do female rappers need to be outstanding, but subpar males are outstanding? It’s a question that many have been asking on Twitter and those who have seen the video below have seen her answer to it.

Do you think Gigi LaMayne has a point about female rap in South Africa?