How Much Is Gugu Gumede's Net Worth?

And it's expected to grow

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Gugu Gumede, Gugu Gumede
Gugu Gumede is one of the fastest-rising actresses in South Africa’s showbiz. With only a few roles to her name, Gumede has been able to showcase her range of talents and won the hearts of many. 

The actress who has one of the most beautiful smiles on God’s earth is on a curve to success and good things. Along with the popularity she has gathered from appearing on TV and her likable personality on social media, Gugu Gumede has also been able to make good money.

Here is Gugu Gumede’s net worth, how she has made her money, and how she spends it.

What is Gugu Gumede’s net worth?

Gugu Gumede, source: Instagram

According to Savanna news and other sources, Gugu Gumede’s net worth in 2022 is estimated to be R2 million. The actress has accumulated this wealth through her career as an actress as well as through her endorsement deals.

Gumede’s net worth is set to increase in the coming years as the future of this young actress seems bright, especially now that South Africa has seen her remarkable talent.

Let’s take a look at how each of her hustles contributes to Gugu Gumede’s net worth.

Gugu Gumede’s acting career

Gugu as Mamlambo from Uzalo, source: Justnje

Gugu’s main source of income and the biggest contributor to her net worth is her successful acting career. 

Gugu officially began acting in 2013 when she landed a role as Mandisa on Generations, shortly after her return from the US where she was pursuing a degree.

Two years later in 2015, Gugu was cast as Mamlambo in Uzalo, which to date is her biggest role yet. Her performance as Mamlambo from Uzalo has been critically acclaimed and in the eight years that she has graced our screen, we have seen her acting range as her character has grown.

According to sources, Gugu takes home a monthly salary of between R35 000 to R45 000 from her part on Uzalo. This is above the average salaries of most South Africans.

Endorsement deals

Gugu Gumede, source: Instagram

Besides earning money from her talent in acting, her abilities on television have also earned Gugu Gumede lots of fans and she currently has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram. 

This huge following has earned Gugu Gumede a place as one of top brands’ favourite partners and she has been able to secure lucrative brand endorsement deals with some big brands.

Some of the brands that Gugu Gumede has been associated with, and has been seen promoting include Spotonbets, Clicks SA, Dark and Lovely, and Cantu Beauty, among others.

Her partnership with these brands has brought money to Gugu Gumede’s accounts and helped boost her net worth.

Gugu Gumede's business

Ngunikazi interiors logo, source: Instagram

Further adding to her revenue streams, Gugu Gumede has also ventured into the business of interior design and decor. 

In 2021, she launched Ngunikazi Interiors, which offers services like interior design and decor, home renovations, and home remodeling.

Although the business is still in its early stages, it seems to be picking up well and it's already making money for the actress.

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Inheritance from her parents?

Gugu Gumede lost her surviving parent in 2021 to COVID complications, she had already lost her father in a car crash in 2007.

Both her parents were prominent people in South Africa’s political space as they served in senior positions in their political parties and while it is unclear how her parents’ wills were structured, it is highly likely that the actress might have inherited something.

Gugu Gumede’s car and house

Gugu Gumede, source: Instagram

Gugu Gumede’s net worth affords her a comfortable lifestyle and she can afford some luxuries that life has to offer including expensive rides and exotic vacations.

It is reported that the actress drives a Toyota D4D Hilux and a Land Rover and that she lives in a beautiful house in Umhlanga Ridge, North of Durban.

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