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Frida fell for Theo but Mzansi felt that she was making a big mistake

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Our favourite reality show is back and as always, it was nothing short of entertaining as Moshe introduced us to the first crushee of the third season.

Frida came onto the show to profess her love to a man by the name of Theo, as always we thought the gesture was cute until she informed Moshe that Theo was her colleague.

Work relationships are always complicated so we were not quite sure about Frida's attraction to Theo. But things turned out to be even more awkward when viewers finally got to see the man who has stolen Frida's heart and well, let's just say viewers strongly felt that Frida was barking up the wrong tree.

Here are a few reactions from the viewers about Frida and Theo's situation.

Honestly, when we saw pictures of Theo we immediately knew that he was Moshe's type and not Frida's which was quite awkward.

And the memes just kept rolling in.

Shame, poor Moshe tried to tell Frida, in the most polite of ways that Theo isn't the type of man who would want to be in a relationship with her, let alone a relationship with any woman.

And in case you had not seen Theo's picture, here he is, he's quite cute right?

And as expected, it seems like there are a few people who have a lot of files about Theo.

People were genuinely concerned about Frida's choice.

And it looks like Theo is good friends with Mohale as well.


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@MosheNdiki