Hip-Hop cash kings

Hip-hop is all about flaunting and showing off your wealth

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Cassper Nyovest to co-headline concerts alongside Future

South African hip hop artists are no different, they rap about their lavish lifestyles, the cars they drive, the money they earn and the places they go to.

Hip Hop artists live it up on the gram and we appreciate the inspiration.

Hip hop is the most prominent and most lucrative genre in South Africa right now. A lot of rappers are making a lot of money so we have decided to give you the top 4 hip hop kings according to SA Hip Hop Mag

Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest

Cassper is rolling in the cash,  In 2015 he signed the biggest deal the music industry has ever seen with MTN. According to reports, he is estimated to be worth 3.2 million rands.



AKA is one of the most talented musicians in South Africa, he has a lot of endorsement deals and according to SA Hip Hop Magazine, he is etimated to be worth  4.8 million rands.

Khuli Chana

Match the musician to their alcohol brand - khuli chana

Khuli Chana has a few endorsement deals under his sleave and he also got a huge payout from the SAPS after they wrongfully shot him.



KO has his own record label and he is responsible for other rappers which means he is making good money.

Main image credit: Instagram/casspernyovest