The hottest husbands in South African entertainment

And we're glad to say there isn't a lack of these men.

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zam zam

Considering how awful #FinePeopleFromSouthAfrica turned out to be on Monday, we thought of making a come back and look at some of the hottest husbands in entertainment.

Whether they are a celebrity or married to a celebrity, it doesn't matter. What does matter is how some of us wish they were our life-time partners. But we're not about that home-wrecking vibe so, for now, we'll just admire from a distance.

In no particular order here goes:

Zam Nkosi

zam nkhensani

He's been husband bae for years now! 

And although him and wife, Nkensani have opted for a life behind the scenes with rather senior roles in business, we can't deny that every time a picture of Zam appears on any social media page we can't help but stare like a psychotic stalker.

Fezile Makhanya


Yes, daddy! 

Now you can only imagine how excited we felt when we learned that Fezile would be returning to our TV screens every week not only on 1 Magic but he also now appears on The Queen as well. Sigh God is good.

Armando Ngandu


Now he may not be a celebrity, but Phindile Gwala's husband is all sorts of fine! We don't blame Phindile for being proud to be named Mrs. Ngandu.

Thapelo Mokoena

Need we say more? A loving father and husband, not forgetting talented and hot man too. What more can one ask for?

Shona Ferguson


See what's interesting about Uncle Sho is that he is not only a father but grandfather as well! He's probably the hottest grandfather we know in entertainment don't you think?

Tony Kgoroge


We don't think this man gets enough credit, but whilst we're still here we'll put him on the list just to show how much he's appreciated.

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