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The past couple years have seen the rise of the Afro. For generations, black women were raised to almost be ashamed of their natural hair but times have changed. We are now in an era where women are building empires off of being able to manage black hair, there's more information from around the world and more research in to African hair types.

But many women still struggle with their hair care. Let's be honest, our Afro's aren't as simple as taking care of braids. Some of us have grown a bit lazy to do the work but the benefits of a beautiful healthy afro are unmatched!

Nomalanga Shozi

We thought we'd help our readers by bringing you some of the best hair care tips out there to aid you in your natural hair journey

Probably the most obvious tool needed in your kit.  It’s easy to get confused when choosing a product as simple as shampoo, you'd think they all do the same thing but nope. Choose products that are designed to be gentle on your hair. Look for products that are a) sulphate-free and b) specifically designed for your hair type (coarse, soft, medium or sensitive scalp) is important as the wrong products will cause hair fall. But be sure you wash your hair at least once a week as natural hair produces sebum (natural oils from the hair roots), which makes it greasy.

Conditioners are intended to restore the protein or moisture into the hair strand to restore the hair’s strength after the wash, give your hair body and to protect your hair against possible breakage. The effects of conditioners are only temporary, though. Start by regularly conditioning your hair after shampooing and having a deep-penetrating conditioner every month. Your hair loses its natural colour at times as a result of using the wrong products and exposure to the sun. Also be sure to use products with UV protection to help keep the natural colour.


The key to a healthy afro is tons of moisture. Under this African sun, it is so easy to lose tons of moisture. For those days in-between wash day, use the power of essential oils to be your hair's backup. Olive Oil is good, rub some onto your fingertips and massage onto your scalp to help get rid of dandruff or an itchy scalp. Castor oil is another great option because it's filled with nutrients such as vitamin C, proteins, amino acid and omega-6 fatty acids which help prevent hair breakage and split ends.

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