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Doeks have come a long way from simply being part of our traditional wear. Known by various names across the continent, the Doek is called idukuin isiZulu, dukuin Chichewa, and dhukuin Shona.

Although something completely ours here, in America, the Doek was imposed on African American women as a sign of enslavement by their white masters. It was a means to differentiate between African American people who had power, and those who did not.

Decades later, the doek has become a global fashion trend. It is no longer a symbol of oppression but one of pride and confidence to the rest of the world as it has always been for us Africans. Women from across the world are now, more than ever, interested in knowing how to tie a Doek. They have slowly but steadily begun making waves across the fashion industry. Doeks ceased being simply functional, and are now worn as fashion and cultural statements.

However, there are several ways on how to tie a Doek  some of which are more complex than others. You want to turn heads, but not for the wrong reasons. You want your Doek to be stylish but still look professional enough for the office. So, we looked at a few easy styles to try step by step...

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Twist Style

This is probably the easiest go-to doek style. It i perfect for days when you're rushing out the house. Choose a nice Doek or wrap that you like. As always, make sure it is neat, clean and smooth without wrinkles (you should iron it actually). First, wrap your Doek from the top of your face to the back of your head.

Let the two edges of the scarf crisscross each other in a tie at the back of your head. Twist both edges at your desired thickness. When the twists look nice, wrap them several times around your head until only a short piece of material remains. Pull the edges tight to make sure the Doek is firm. You can then tuck the remaining fabric in behind our ear.

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Big Bow style

This is another very simple idea on how to wrap a doek. For this one, it is best to opt for a fine looking headscarf. A thin doek is easy to tie too. Make your hair into a top knot or bun at the top of your head.. Fold the two edges of your doek into two equal loops. The two loops will help you form the bow tie. Tie the two loops one under the other to form a knot. Then, pull the edges from the knot to make it firm and tight. Then, tuck the two ends so that you remain with in to your bow tie.

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Topknot style

This style is another quick and easy way to tie a doek. Symmetry is vital here, though, or else you could look a bit silly. Hold your scarf with your two hands to cover the back of your head; either of your hands should be at the point close to edges. Make sure the center line is exactly at the back of your head. This will make sure it looks neat even when you are done.

Then wrap the doek around your head from the nape of the collar to the edge of your hair at the face. Tie your headscarf to make a knot. The knot must be firm or it will be knocked loose during your daily errands. You can keep trying knots on top of the st knot, the bigger the better with this style. When you are done, tuck the remaining edges under the knot.

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