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A young television star growing into becoming a media mogul.

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Hulisani Ravele grew up on television. She became South Africa’s favourite presenter as a child starting from the age of nine.

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Becoming one of the emerging child presenters, Hulisani Ravele remained with YoTV for eight years, which cemented her place with the SABC as a long-serving presenter. 

She transitioned from a kids show to mainstream media and became a host at one of the country’s leading stations, 947 FM. 

Keep reading on Hulisani Ravele's biography and see how she rose to fame. 

Hulisani Ravele Age

Hulisani Ravele was born on the 23rd of January in 1988. She is 32-years-old.

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Hulisani Ravele Early life

She was named Hulisani Cecilia Ravele after she was born in Tshiawelo Soweto. Hulisani Ravele is the youngest sibling with two elder siblings.

Her late father taught her the importance of always doing what you love. Sadly, her father lost his life whilst battling for his life in 2014.

Hulisani  Ravele mentioned that her father, Mr Ravele who she always called Bra Chicks was working under a car, the jag lost balance and fell on him. Hulisani Ravele said that her father was always under a car doing what he loves and that is what inspired her to always go for her dreams.

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Hulisani Ravele is one who's always adored her mother and is forever grateful for everything she has done for her.

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As a child star, she was called Cecilia and the shortened version of her name was CeCe. 

Hulisani Ravele grew up a confident kid and she was often referred to as a loud and bubbly character. 

Growing up, Hulisani Ravele was curious about television and all she wanted was to find herself being on television. She said in an interview with Jetclub.

I wanted to know how people got inside the box. I always loved drama and the stage and started doing major productions in grade 4. I was in a lot of school plays and I loved it! 

Hulisani Ravele Education

Hulisani Ravele did both her primary and secondary studies in Johannesburg. 

Shortly after finishing high school, she already knew that she wanted to be in the media space.

In 2008, she completed her BCom in Marketing Management from the University of Johannesburg. Then in 2017 she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture Medium from AFDA media school.

Hulisani Ravele Relationship

Hulisani was in a relationship with fellow former child star Sipho 'Psyfo' Ngwenya. The two started working together at a young age as presenters.

 Hulisani and Sipho dated for over a decade and were once rumoured to be close to walking down the aisle.  The two started dating as kid superstars from 2006 till 2017. They called it quits in 2017.

Sadly, the relationship did not last and this was revealed in 2018, when she tweeted,

"Yeah, I'm single."

However, it seems as though some of her family members weren't okay with her decision to end things with her Sipho.  Speaking to Destiny Magazine, she said,

I’m very close to both sides of my family. I’m one of 39 first-generation grandchildren – and that’s just on my mom’s side! Even so, I didn’t speak to some family members for several months because they couldn’t accept our decision to end our relationship. I heard: ‘Just give him a chance’ more times than I could bear.

Hulisani Ravele Career

Hulisani Ravele grew up being fascinated by the thought of being on television and she'd always nag her mother to take her to auditions. 

Eventually, her aunt provided all the essential information required for auditions and her career began. 

In the late '90s, the presenter became part of the industry. When she was 9, Hulisani Ravele first had a TV Job on SABC 1 for an entertainment show for children, Pula and Friends

She got a gig to be a presenter on YoTV and she worked on YoTV for 8 years and left in 2008 at the age of 18.

Hulisani Ravele had a perfect re-branding opportunity when she returned and worked at the SABC as a media intern. 

She quickly moved on to focus on the boardroom researching the company. This allowed Hulisani’s transition from kids TV shows to mainstream media, and work with SABC as a permanent employee.

Hulisani Ravele used to host the Vodacom Show that showed the ability to enrich people through ICT. It played weekly on Tuesdays. The show also ran competitions and highlights campaigns and promotions that the brand is running.
Hulisani Ravele joined Capricorn FM in 2017 as a co-host for the Saturday Flex show from 14:00 - 18:00.

As a growing brand that had existed for a while in the industry, Hulisani Ravele then joined the 947 Fm team.

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Hulisani Ravele Controversy

The breakup 

When Hulisani and her long-term boyfriend Sipho Ngwenya broke-up, it left a bad taste on people's mouths and they were quick to spew their thoughts on social media.

One Twitter user said, 

“Nothing new under the sun. It happens. You date for 16 years no marriage, next person they date for 8 months and marry. The timing might have been off. Hulisani was part of his journey. Love & light to her. Congrats to Psyfo and fiancé …”

According to Hulisani, some of her family members didn't talk to her shortly after the breakup and believed that they could've worked things out through talking because they had spent 10 years together.

As many fans showed their concerns over the two breaking up and Sipho getting engaged shortly after their breakup, some fans openly shared their confusion as to why Hulisani Ravele suddenly became a part of the conversation around Psyfo's engagement. 

“Kante why are people dragging Hulisani into Psyfo's engagement?
Where does she enter? They've both moved on. So Psyfo can't marry his person because Hulisani dated for 10 years and didn't get married? Balance me, good people. I'm failing to understand.”

Gareth Cliff’s letter

In May 2020, Hulisani responded to the letter by Gareth Cliff directed at the president due to lockdown caused by the worldwide pandemic, Covid-19. 

In the letter, Gareth claimed that South Africans' "patience and emotional state of affairs are on a knife-edge" and he continued to say people are "losing hope".

He claimed that regulations had to both make sense and gain the confidence of the public, warning that not doing so could end in disaster. According to Cliff, 
“Many of us aren’t afraid of the virus anymore. It’s our health and we’ll take our chances, thank you. We are afraid of the havoc your lockdown is wreaking on the economy, on people’s lives and livelihoods. I see fewer and fewer explanations from ministers and more and more capricious, some would say spiteful, regulation," he said.

Hulisani Ravele is one of the South Africans who were fuming because of the letter written by Gareth Cliff. In her response, she explained why the lockdown is essential to save lives. 

"I don’t know why listening to Gareth Cliff's clip made me cry. It’s a pity privilege is a disease you cannot die from. Lockdown was never going to be easy or comfortable, it was a necessity. It was never going to be perfect either (not the brutality because that’s just wrong).”

Half-naked images 

In 2017, Hulisani was again caught up in a controversial scene when she was attacked by a fan who says they grew up watching the presenter on television. This was sparked after Hulisani posted a topless image on social media.

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“[You’ve] been a queen in my eyes since you were on… but today I am very sad because I never thought I would come across your half-naked picture,” the follower posted.

Hulisani didn't take time to respond to the fan and she expressed that it was her culture, but she apologized. 

“I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m sorry that you feel an expression and celebration of my culture is beneath your standards of all that is pure and right. God bless,” she replied.

Hulisani Ravele Business

At some point in her career, in 2018, Hulisani felt that as someone of great influence in Mzansi, there was more that she could do than just being a presenter. She then launched the online talk show that she called, The Minute With Hulisani Ravele.

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That same year saw Hulisani Ravele venturing into another business opportunity. She announced her new business venture Studio MoMa, which is a grooming boutique that caters to both women and men.

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Studio MoMa was founded in March 2017 by Mpho Sedibe who then partnered with Boipelo Nkadimeng and Hulisani Ravele decided to buy in as well. 

Hulisani Ravele Self Love

For Hulisani, it all boils down to an old proverb:

“Empowerment to me is embodied by the adage of: ‘Give a man fish, he eats for a day. Teach him how to fish, he eats for a lifetime’. I believe that empowerment is being given a hand-up and not a hand-out,” she says.

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She said knowing her “self-worth” and being able to stand up for herself, “regardless of what anybody else thinks or says have been difficult but necessary lessons”. These are lessons she has often had to learn the hard way.

A Twitter user made fun of the freckles on her face by comparing them to the spots on an overripe banana.

“I had to respond for that young girl or boy who faces a real battle with teasing & bullying because of their physical appearance. Bullied so badly that they don’t want to live anymore. Bullies must be dealt with!” she wrote on social media.

While the mean comments are hurtful, Hulisani does not allow cyberbullies to get her down as she feels sorry for them.

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Hulisani Ravele continues to dominate the airwaves and she is here to stay. Despite doing what she loves in the media industry, she is one who remains true to her culture as well.

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