#IdolsSA: Bevin thankful for the opportunity

Bevin is not sour but thankful for the opportunity Idols SA gave him.

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Undoubtedly a ladies favorite, 19-year-old Bevin Samuels might not be the Idol South African's are looking for but we have a feeling he'll take the local music industry by storm in the near future.

In a recent chat with ZAlebs, Bevin spoke fondly of his experience on Idols SA and how he was a bit disappointed, in leaving the competition but on the flip side, he expressed great joy as his elimination meant he could finally go home to P.E. 

"I'd be lying if I said I don't feel bad, it's almost 4 weeks until the finale, so I do kinda feel bad but at the same time it's ok because I'm finally away from the pressure and stress and I also finally get to go back home. I've missed home, so so much, It was my first time being away from home for this long so I'm really excited to go back."

Bevin, who was in the bottom two with Terra also shared on the great friendship he formed with the rest of te contestants and especially with Terra.

"Everyday with them was the best, there was never a dull day with the other contestants, especially with Terra we had a lot of fun with the entire team."


Bevin admitted that he was intimidated by the other contestants especially considering how tight the competition has been in the past couple of weeks but he knew he had to challenge himself and work hard to overcome the intimidation. 

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One of Bevin's most challenging performances was the show-stopper leg of the competition where dancing and singing was a prerequisite for his performance. 

"I'm one contestant who likes challenging themselves and I've challenged myself in all the rounds, especially with the showstopper edition. I wanted to show the judges and South Africa that I am a flexible contestant.

Having to dance and sing at the same time was so difficult because I had to remember my lines and my moves, but I enjoyed every moment of that performance."


Bevin took a gap year but expressed that he will be going back to school next year and will still continue pursuing a career in music. 

Bevin also added that he has no doubt that Terra will walk away with the Idols SA title this year.