#IdolsSA Keegan: It was the right time for me to leave

Keegan is grateful for the opportunity and believes in perfect timing.

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His fans are disappointed that he left the competition but he's just glad he was given the opportunity to be on Idols.

When Keegan and Norma found themselves in the bottom two on the Idols stage this past Sunday, it sure was a hard pill to swallow for such strong contenders of the competition.

Norma and Keegan had great performances in the previous week but unfortunately like any other Sunday night someone had to go and Keegan was on the chopper blocker.

ZAlebs spoke to the 24-year-old singer about his journey and exit on the show.

Unlike some of us, Keegan explained how he was actually not disappointed that he left the show as it meant that he just really needs to work hard for his music career.


"Funny enough it's such a huge contrast for me, I thought I would be just a little bit down but funny enough I'm quite excited, I can't wait to take on life and start working on my music, to really start hustling and working hard and just making sure I play my part in ensuring that I have a future in the music and entertainment industry."

Keegan's last performance which was Ntando's Nguwe, did not sit well with Idols judge, Somizi. However the fans loved it, Keegan mentioned that he was actually quite proud of that specific performance regardless of Somizi's opinion.

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"To be very honest, I was proud of myself when it came to that performance. We put small goals for ourselves and for me that was one goal that I actually achieved. I also think it was a really special moment for me, simply because Ntando was at the theatre himself and to get a standing ovation from him, for me, I was over the moon. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing and I was just really excited about that."

Since Keegan's elimination a lot of viewers were disappointed that he exited the show. Keegan to the outside eye has the package of potentially being an Idols, he has the looks, the voice and ladies love him, so what exactly went wrong?

"You know with life, things happen for a reason, and that's what I believe in. Nothing happens by mistake, it was meant to happen they way it did. Maybe it was the time for me to leave so I could start working on something that will take me further in my life.

Idols has provided me with this amazing platform that I'm still grateful of and I just think timing is everything in life, so I just think it was the right time for me to leave." Said Keegan.

Keegan also mentioned that he would return to Idols if given the opportunity and that the competition was a great stepping stone opportunity for him.

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