#IdolsSA: Lucia ready for her next musical chapter

Lucia's departure from Idols SA was a tough one.

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Lucia Idols Sa

Undoubtedly one of the most deserving singers to make it to the Top 5 round of the competition, Lucia's consistency and quality of singing was loved by many but unfortunately, the love wasn't enough to keep her in the competition.

If it were up to us, no one from the Top 5 group would've left the competition on Sunday night but in the real world that's not how things roll.

When Proverb announced Lucia's we were quite disappointed but someone had to leave and it had to be her.

The great thing about Lucia's departure is that a lot of people have great faith that a record company will recognize her talent and place her under their wing in no time.

ZAlebs caught up with the singer to hear how she feels about the great faith that Idols viewers have in her possibly getting a record deal soon.

"I'm so humbled by people's faith in me when it comes to my talent, It also shows me that the more I allow my talent to flourish and the more I allow myself to be in the public eye, the more I'll gain the support from the people. I didn't realise that by me taking this route, I'd have such a great impact in people."

Lucia was also one of those performers who had a lot of great performances, she also shared her top favourite songs to perform.

"My favourite songs to perform were definitely Zonke's reach it and Lesego's Afrika, which I performed with the Clash of the Choirs, choir so that was out of this world for me."

Another favourite performance by the husky-voiced Diva was her performance of Faith Evan's Never Let You Go. When Lucia performed that song, we had a new found respect for the singer, we actually hope Faith Evans comes across this video one day.

Lucia was also quite impressed with her rendition of the song and spoke about the challenges she had during the rehearsal process for the song.

"It actually wasn't a difficult song, not to brag, but I'm one of those people who knows a lot of songs and mostly any genre of music I know and I'm able to perform it. So what I do before picking a song, I make sure that I select songs that align with my vocal range.

However, I did come across a few challenges like having to breathe properly and articulating the words properly, but I also thoroughly enjoyed performing that song too."

Lucia also explained that she knew she was going home when she was placed in the bottom two with Terra.

"I knew that when I was placed in the bottom two with Terra, I should just forget going to New York because I knew that Terra has a strong fan base and it worked out exactly how I thought of it. I was prepared but I didn't think I was going home until the last few minutes before my name was announced."

When asked who she thought would be our Top 2 contestants, Lucia expressed that she does not know as the competition has become really tight.

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Lucia also mentioned that no record companies have approached her as the Idols SA competition is still running.

Either way, we hope Lucia has a successful career in the music industry.

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