#IdolsSA: Tebogo bids the competition farewell

He may not have made it to the Top 2 round of the competition but Tebogo is here to stay.

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Regardless of the naysayers, Tebogo entered Idols SA for the second time after being discouraged to ditch his love for music for a "real job".

Fast-forward to a couple of episodes into Season 11 and Tebogo has not only made it through the competition successfully but we've seen him produce his own single and enjoyed a very interesting trip to New York.

ZAlebs caught up with the recently eliminated singer who was a stone-throw away from possibly winning the title.

Tebogo spoke fondly about his numerous memorable moments on the show 

"I had two memorable moments in the competition, the first one was the Showstopper, where I got to sing Bruno Mar's Treasure. I was out of my comfort zone and I needed that because I love challenging myself."

Tebogo's second experience on Idols SA was definitely a challenge, one of his other memorable yet challenging moments was when he experienced a technical glitch during his Showstopper performance.

Whilst singing, Tebogo's microphone suddenly had no audio coming out which lead to the singer having to improvise some parts of his performance.


"To be quite honest that moment was my fault actually, the mic's are usually locked so whilst I was dancing I shook the mic which led to the mic turning off.

In my mind, I just thought of it as a technical problem so I knew I had to just perform  until they fixed the problem, because I knew I couldn't stop the show. 

So I knew I needed to continue and plus I was well-rehearsed for the show because there were dance moves included, so the minute I stepped on stage my head was already in the game like literally, I was unstoppable.

Even if it rained on stage, the rain could not have stopped me from performing." Said Tebogo

Tebogo admits that there has been a number of industry people who have already approached him for collaborations in the near future.

"There have been a couple of people who have approached me but because I'm just starting out now I would like to just push through, without having a lot of features yet, I'm not saying I want to work alone but for now to just establish myself first in the industry and having my name out there first."

Besides his great singing, gorgeous locks and good locks, Tebogo caught the attention of many with the very tight pants he wore on the show, we asked the singer if the singer if the pants he wore were actually that comfortable, Tebogo mentioned that the pants were actually not that tight and were extremely comfortable. 

He also mentioned that he does a lot of squats so he can fit perfectly in those particular type of pants.