#IdolsSA: Terra Cox believes Noma will win Idols SA

Dissapointed that he's gone but we'll sure see more of him in the future.

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A favourite for many viewers, on Sunday night we watched Terra leave the Idols stage after a very successful run in the competition, but his run was cut this past weekend. We caught up with the singer to find out what's next,

"I actually wasn't surprised that I was voted out, the other contestants have been working very hard to be in the Top 3 so they've been pushing themselves real hard so no, I was not surprised at all when Proverb called my name."

As much as he had great performances he also had weak ones, ZAlebs asked Terra about some of the performances he least enjoyed to perform and this is what he had to say.

"There were two performances actually, and those performances were ones that I forgot my lyrics. One was the Celine Dion one, so yeah that did not go down well for me, but at the end of the day I was ok with it, because everybody makes mistakes so it was chilled."

One other thing that really drew the audience to Terra was the sadness we saw in his eyes every time he performed. We asked the singer if he was partially sad throughout the competition or if his eyes were just like that.

"People were reading too much into it, it's just what my eyes really look like...[Laughs].... But there was one time I was truly sad on the show and that was on the 2nd of October because that was the day my mother passed away that was the day I truly had sadness in my eyes but either than that I'm quite a happy guy." 

Terra and Noma

Terra also believes without a doubt that Noma will win Idols SA.

"Noma is definitely going to take it for me, she's going to win. I have absolutely no doubt about that."

What do you guys think, is Terra spot on about Noma taking the title as this year's Idol?

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