#IdolsSA: Valentine proud of how far she's come

Valentine might've been eliminated but she aint mad.

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#IdolsSA: Valentine proud of how far she's come

An unexpected exit for Valentine leaves many disappointed but she's so proud of how far she's gone into the competition.

Undoubtedly one of the fiercest contestants in this year's season of Idols SA, Valentine has proven countless times the passion she had in becoming this year's Idol. 

Unfortunately, her dream in lasting longer in the competition was cut short on Sunday night when she was the latest singer to be eliminated from the competition.

The news of her elimination came as a shock to her supporters.

Although disappointed in leaving, Valentine told ZAlebs that her experience in the competition has been one awesome ride.

"It has been such a cool journey, it was so lit and I enjoyed every single moment it's been such an awesome experience." Said Valentine.

One of our most favourite performances from the singer was when she sang, "Every Woman" by Whitney Houston. Valentine mentioned that preparing for that performance was such a tough and gruelling rehearsal experience but it proved to be all worth it.

"Aaaw man...well we have a very amazing vocal coach who goes by the name of Molly. She will drill you, she doesn't care if you slept or not, she just wants you to give her your all. 

Before I came onto the show I had known the song very well, so when I had to perform it I was very comfortable with it, the lyrics came naturally so it wasn't a lot of work. I really just had fun with that song and the performance as a whole."

Idols SA: Valentine proud of how far she's come

When leaving a competition like Idols some of the eliminated contestants get approached by other recording companies to potentially collaborate with the singer for future projects. When we asked Valentine if she had been approached by anyone she explained that she could not say anything at the moment....hmmm...which actually says a lot for us.

"For now I can't say because I just don't want to put things out there yet but just be on the look out."

Valentine also believes that the Top 3 contestants of the show will consist of Noma, Keegan and Terra. All three of the contestants left their hearts on stage on Sunday night after performing their best rendition of South African songs, Terra even left Randall speechless and Unathi filled with tears.

When we interviewed Sanele who was the first to be eliminated from the Top 10 round of the competition he also believes that the Top 3 contestants will be Noma, Keegan and Terra also.

It really seems like Valentines supporters are not happy with the results of her leaving, but then again at the end of the day it's all about the votes people!

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