#IdolsSA: Who will make it to the Top 4 stage of the competition?

It's crunch time yet again on the Idols stage.

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Idols SA: who is leaving tonight?

Tonights episode of Idols SA will prove to be a difficult one as the contestsants get cut down to the awesome foursome.

Thami, Noma, Tebogo, Terra and Lucia are the remaining Top 5 singers in the competition and they're undoubtedly the strongest Top 5 Idols contestants we've seen in a while.

All five of them did an outstanding job on last week's show, but as we all know, you're only as good as your last performance.

It's kind of a difficult choice to make for all voters of the competition considering that all five of the contestants stand a great chance in making it to the next round.

If you search the hashtag #IdolsSA  it's clear that a lot of people are behind the contestants but unfortunately someone will probably leave tonight.

But knowing Idols, Proverb and the rest of the team probably also have a surprise up their sleeve, maybe tonight won't even be an elimination round, but we'll just have to wait for 5.pm to see.

Some people still believe and favor Terra but their favour may also be swaying a bit to Thami's side. We must admit Thami's last two performances have been nothing short of amazing!

Then there's Lucia, one thing we commend Lucia on is her consistency, the singer has been belting out those notes like she's performing for the last time on that Idols stage. 

And maybe Idols fans are right, maybe Lucia is bigger than this competition and if she does get eliminated tonight, we're more than convinced that there's probably a record company out there waiting to welcome her with open arms.

As for Noma, her followers have so much faith in her talent they already consider her the winner of this year's competition.

Just like Lucia, Noma has also been consistant with her performances

Probably one of the most inspiring contestants of them all, Tebego, has definitely impressed not only the viewers but judges also. Only a few hours until we're introduced to the top four, we hope you voted well South Africa!

His renditions of numerous songs has left the ladies eating out of his hands, besides his singing can we also acknowledge how much of a beautiful man Tebogo is?

Only a few hours until we're introduced to the top four, we hope you voted well South Africa!