iFani: I have a crush on Zizo Beda

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Ifani  | Top of The

You know that feeling when you're in love with a girl who has a boyfriend? That's clearly how iFani is feeling at the moment. The rapper has been in and out of headlines this year and is currently a co-star on e.tv's reality show, Reality Check, alongside the controversial Kelly Khumalo

Their on-screen chemistry had led people to believe that the rapper had a crush on the Asine singer, but alas, that is not the case. iFani revealed that he is in fact crushing on Zizo Beda

During his hilarious #AskiFani Twitter QnA, one brave tweeter asked if there was any truth to the rumours that he was checking Kelly Khumalo out.

"someone asked u if u have a crush on Kelly? We wait for the answer patiently! #AskIFani #RealityCheck" 

iFani responded honestly: 

"No. I don't have a crush on Kelly, I have a crush on Zizo" 

Um, that's a bit awkward though because Zizo Beda is currently engaged and will be getting married in December of this year! It's even more awkward because iFani has never even met Zizo in person! 

iFani and Kelly Khumalo are currently taking part in a reality show challenge, (For Reality Check) along with Chomee, to raise R12,000 for charity. Maybe iFani should spend more time focusing on that than chasing engaged women?

Image Credit: Instagram