#Imbewu: Shria's Date Though...

Yoh!... What A Mama's Boy.

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Usually when a lady goes on a date with a guy, a third party rarely tags along. However it has been heard of either parties bringing along their friends on their dates, as such was the case with American power couple, Beyonce Knowles - Carter and Jayz. In the year 2018, they released a joint album titled, Everything is Love. In one of their songs, Jayz mentioned that he messed up by bringing his friend along to his first date with Beyonce. Luckily for him, he got a second chance as he's now married to one of the world's most loved musician.

Now in the case of Imbewu's Shria, viewers got to see her slowly trying to crawl back into the dating scene especially after that disastrous break up with her former boss and boyfriend,  Nganono Bhengu. Not much is known about Shria outside of the firm hard worker that she has come to be known for since the commencement of the show.

Upon the arrival of Shria's date at the restaurant, the conversation started off on a friendly note. Thereafter Shria inquired about his family of which he responded by stating that he is the only child and shares a very close relationship with his mother. The unsuspecting Shria found this very sweet and cute, little did she know about the extent of their close relationship.

During last night's episode of Imbewu:The Seed,  Shria met up with the potential solid partner at a restaurant. However things quickly turned southward as she realised that homeboy was just too much of a 'Mama boy'. I mean who brings their mother to a date? Mommy dearest was seated right at the back as she waved excitedly at at Shria....Wow!

It was very apparent that Shria was not impressed at all. She then quickly pretended to be receiving a call and proceeded to take it outside - that was her way out of that weird and awkward situation.

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