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With the Gwarra Gwarra dance already taking over the world, it is no surprise why international artists continue to come to our beautiful continent to experience the vast and rich culture this continent has to offer.

Many of these international musicians have mentioned the great influence Africa has had when it comes to their craft as musicians.

Here are just a few international artists who have shot videos specifically in South Africa throughout the years.

Jesse Smollet - Hurt People

The Empire actor recently shot a video for his single Hurt People in Soweto. The video highlights a number of social issues, with a clear focus on racism. The video was shot in December 2017.

Jesse Smollett

Solange Knowles - Losing You


In 2012, Solange launched the video of Losing You which was filmed in the various townships of Cape Town. What we also appreciated about this video is that Solange not only focused on South African culture but also brought forth the culture of the Le Sapeur community which is a Congolese subculture of impeccably well-dressed Congolese men.

Drake - One Dance/Please Forgive Me


These two videos were very difficult to find online as they could only be exclusively viewed on streaming services like Spotify and iTunes. The videos were filmed in Soweto and inner-city Johannesburg, the Please Forgive Me video also featured actor - Jerry Mofokeng Wa Makhetha.

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Omarion - Distance


Omarion filmed the video to his Distance single in Kwa-Zulu Natal and took the effort to also wear traditional Zulu attire.

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