iSthunzi: Which Ninja are you?

Are you the baddie, the reserved one, the introvert or the one that's dealing with serious adult issues?

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The ultimate girlfriend skeem in Mzansi, which one are you?

If there's one skeem we would love to be a part of it's that of the iSthunzi girls. 

The awesome foursome have a lot of things going on for them, although they may have a lot of drama happening in their lives, for high school girls, they sure have an interesting story to tell.

The four girls who have named themselves "Ninjas" have kept us glued to our couches every Monday evening, as we anticipate yet another riveting episode of iSthunzi, so in your group of girlfriends, which Ninja are you? 



Are you the leader of the pack like Winnie? Feisty with no fear and a bit of a bully but always down for your girls when it's time to go to war?

Do you play with guys emotions and never let them stick their hands in the cookie jar?

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Maybe you're Thishiwe, a bit reserved, pretty but also has to deal with a lot of nasty rumor, like being accused of being a witch? (That's so deep though)

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You might even be Noxolo a soft-spoken introvert who gets good grades at school but life has unfortunately given her the raw end of the stick when it comes to step-daddy issues.



Then there's the Londi type, dealing with adult life but still in high school,  from having a kid you dropping out of school and working at a farm, whilst uncontiously falling in love with your boss.

Adulting is something else.


Sidenote: If your matric dance was as lit as theirs last night, you have officially lived life to the fullest. Ever went to your matric farewell driving in a hearse whilst a coffin was in the back? Yeah didn't think so.

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