Things Will Never Be The Same

"When we now go onto different journeys of our lives,"

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#RHOD reunion left fans underwhelmed and also disappointed that they did not get to see all the cast members at the reunion and it’s clear that moving forwards things will never be the same again.

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Kgomotso Madungane penned a lengthy letter on her Instagram paying tribute to the cast members and the production crew of RHODubarn.

Speaking about parting ways with the cast members, she said: “When we started #rhodurban I started a group chats with each and every one of these hunnies. On our separation, when we now go onto different journeys of our lives, I leave you with this darlings: Which is it? Everyday anxiety or anxiety disorder?

"Everyday anxiety is about: paying bills, landing a job, an everyday romantic breakup, or other important life events, embarrassment or self-consciousness in an awkward social situation, a case of nerves or sweating before a big test, business presentation, stage performance, or significant event, realistic fear of dangerous object, place or situation, anxiety, fear or difficulty sleeping immediately after a traumatic situation."

Tagging the ladies, she said she loves them all and she hopes that the journey made an authentic impact in their lives.
On what she called an open letter to Sam, Lee & Valentino, Kgomotso said she is penning the letter with so many emotions.

She wrote: “Dear Sam, Lee & Valentino, Today, as I reflect on my journey on #rhodurban, I am so privileged to have met you. FOR ME (and you know I am big on that opinion of “FOR ME” experience) - You truly were a mother, a sister, and a friend who will nurture their daughter, their sibling, and their friend. Knowing that they are not perfect, but they have such a bigger and better role to play in society. I can honestly call you a mother, a sister, and a friend in need.

“ A friend in need is not always someone that will tell you what you need to hear when you want to hear it. It’s someone that will genuinely care for you and want you to rise above your shortcomings. You were that for me and much more!!!! I write this letter with so much emotions because I know your hearts. I love you all forever. Keep well and never forget your creative energy.”

She said she is grateful for the journey and they will forever remain her family.
"@mediavalentino once told me that - never forget this about who you are when I spoke about my craft. And I appreciate it so much, I truly understand. I will never forget... Thank you for your authenticity, your love, and your tough love at MOST times.
"Through it all, you remain the people who gave me an experience of a lifetime. @leedoig - see you surfing in the South Coast soon - is it the bluff, Wildemere, umgababa, or worse -? I can’t recall (I also have amnesia)... I love you all and you will remain my brothers and sisters for life! Thank you for helping me grow into a better version of myself. I love you! you have indeed touched my heart and mind! Well done!"

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