HHP announces the release date of his last album

Seems like everyone is bidding the game goodbye. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Jabulani "HHP" Tsambo  | Top of The

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HHP is back

AKA said he's considering giving the game one last project and now Jabbaman is speaking a language which seems like it . It's lit outchere kwi-hip-hop. 

Unlike AKA though Jabbaman's exit isn't a 'might', it's happening. For reals, for reals. This information came from the man's fingertips themselves. On Twitter a fan asked him how the album was going and whether it would be his last

To which he responded with a young update and said that the album is indeed his last and that it'll be dropped on the 16th of June.

We see all the hooha about him working with Thebe and getting a song mixed by the legend Bruce Dope Sebitlo but damn, it's really peace out. With AKA we know he's got business ventures to handle so in the sad event that he really is dipping from the game, he'll have that to keep him pre-occupied, maybe Jabba also has a few young investments waiting for him. Only time will tell. Look out for 'Drum The Album' on the 16th of June.

Main image credit: instagram.com/jabbaman_1

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