Jobe London's Health - Is He Okay?

Another victim of social media death hoax

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Jobe London, Jobe London
Thabang Thanyane, a.k.a, Jobe London, is one of the most renowned Amapiano artists in the country. The musician started his music career in 2019 with his debut Sukendleleni which received massive airplay across the country and paved the way for more of his hits that followed after that.

Before venturing into music, Jobe London used to be a dancer and is sometimes referred to as the Michael Jackson of South Africa because of his killer moves.

0n 26th August 2021, Jobe London became a victim of a social media death hoax after stories with unverified sources started circulating on Twitter that Jobe London had died. Within a short time, Jobe London was trending on Twitter, with messages of condolences pouring in from all corners of Mzansi.

Jobe London caught on with the trend shortly after it began and resurfaced on Twitter. He used the platform to condemn people for their insensitivity.

If you have been curious about Jobe London's health and his whereabouts, then read on to find out.

Is Jobe London alive?

Jobe London on stage, credit: Instagram

Jobe London is very much alive and healthy, contrary to rumours that he had passed on.

Long before tweeps started circulating rumours that Jobe London was dead, a few naysayers had raised concerns about Jobe London's health, with some speculating that he had HIV/AIDs and others claiming he had cancer.

The question about Jobe London's health might have been brought up by his weight loss as well as his long silence on social media after the untimely death of his friend and fellow Amapiano artist Killer Kau.

Although whoever raised the alarm first might have been genuinely concerned for Jobe London's health and might have wanted to know about the musician's whereabout, the channel used was wrong. Stories can easily change context on social media and nothing spreads faster like misinformation.

Jobe London's legal action

Jobe London's legal statement, credit: Instagram

Along with reprimanding tweeps for their insensitivity and for spreading misinformation, Jobe London, through his lawyers, also issued a legal statement warning off rumour mongers.

According to the statement, the false news had affected Jobe London's health and caused psychological harm to him. 

It further stated that future defamatory statements and false news about Jobe London would attract legal action.

Does Jobe London have cancer?

Despite several speculations and publications that Jobe London is battling cancer, the artist is yet to confirm or deny the rumours.

According to a report by Dispatch Live, Jobe London revealed that he had suffered from Tuberculosis in early 2021, but he had fully recovered by the time rumours of his death emerged. His illness might have been the primary cause of his weight loss.

Where is Jobe London?

Jobe London live performance, credit: Instagram

If the photos posted on his social media are anything to go by, it appears that Jobe London's health is great and he is in South Africa living his fullest life.

Even though he hasn't released a new song lately, Jobe London has been holding live performances in various venues across South Africa.

Other South African celebrities who have been falsely reported as dead

Besides Jobe London, other celebrities, including TV personality Sipho Ngwenya, a.k.a, Psyfo, and Kwaito artist, Bonginkosi  Dlamini, a.k.a, Zola 7, have been victims of social media death hoaxes.

Is Jobe London on social media?

Yes, Jobe London is fairly active on most social media platforms. You can find him on these official pages:

Facebook: Jobe London RSA

Instagram: @jobelondon_

Twitter: @jobelondon

Tik Tok: @jobelondon_

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