Joe Mafela's tombstone gets people talking

Joe Mafela's TV lounge tombstone is still the topic of discussion this morning.

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Joe's tombstone

After a beautiful send-off for the late Joe Mafela, who was buried on Wednesday, 29 March. South African's were then taken aback when Ntate Joe's tombstone was revealed.

The tombstone which is a replica of a television lounge had social media in a frenzy as people expressed their opinions about the tombstone design.

For some, the tombstone was a very interesting way to honour the late actor, whilst others felt that the tombstone would be susceptible to theft and was just a pure waste of money.

Joe Mafela1

Whilst others strongly believe that the money spent to make the tombstone could've been used for education.

Joe Mafela

Of course, the Grace Bible Church topic had to come up again.

Grace Bible Church

This tweet was kind of funny.


Whilst Twitter was up in arms about the tombstone, Facebook seemed to like the tombstone design.

We asked some of our Facebook friends about their thoughts about the tombstone and this is what they had to say.

And here are some of the comments...

Joe Facebook