Junior De Rocka Seeks Justice

The young DJ fights for his murdered friend

By  | Oct 07, 2020, 05:58 AM  | Junior De Rocka  | Top of The

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Crime is a pandemic that affects everyone in the country, from celebrities to the ordinary person on the streets. It is no secret that the law in South Africa doesn't favour anyone but criminals and Junior De Rocka and friends got to experience that first hand.

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In a well-written thread, Junior De Rocka updated his fans and everyone who is seeking justice for the slain gentleman, Mluleki Wiseman Mbewana was brutally murdered last week at a parking lot outside Rich Durban. He was allegedly murdered by Manqoba George AKA Big Bucks, a very feared man from Durban, this might be why no one wants to testify against him. 

People who were at the scene of the crime said that Manqoba verbally abused him before he shot Mlooh, execution-style in a parking lot filled with a lot of people.

"#JusticeForMlooh Today I can confirm that the suspect in the murder of Mlooh has been arrested. I'm at the police station right now as we speak. 

Following lots of confusion and how this whole thing has spiraled out of control with people saying things they know nothing about.

1) On the day of the shooting I was not there. 
2) Police don’t taste statements from anyone. Just because you’re Mlooh's friend does not mean you qualify to write statements. 
3) Those who were there did avail themselves to the police and this has been confirmed.
4) The police have a way of doing investigations. They collect all data from the crime scene and they do follow ups according to how they structure their investigation. They take numbers of those who were there and call you in for questioning and a statement.
5) The suspect was brought in by his lawyer and is in custody and that's the most important thing right now. 
6) Everyone who was present will work with the authorities to ensure that facts are delivered and bring justice to this matter."

Many celebrities and friends of the slain Mlooh have been calling for justice and Junior De Rocka posted about this on his official Facebook page and urged people who know what happened to testify or tell the police about the perpetrators' whereabouts. L'vovo and DJ Cndo are among the celebs calling for justice.

The good news is that the suspect is in custody and will hopefully get to see their day in court, his arrest will give witnesses the confidence to testify as to what happened that fateful evening.

May Mluleki Wiseman Mbewana aka Mlooh rest in peace.

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