Things we didn't know about Generations actor - Junior Singo

We get to know the actor a bit better

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For those who didn't know Junior has been in the acting industry ever since he was a young boy, acting in numerous films and local television shows.

Here are a few things we've come to learn about the actor.

  • Although he may play the role of a teenager on Generations the young man is actually nearing his 30's. Junior is 28-years-old.
  • Junior has a daughter who goes by the name of Ayamah whom he's extremely proud of.


  • The actor has been in the industry for almost 16-years and still pushing, and just like any other actor, he too has found himself unemployed for long periods of time but still pushed on as his love for acting was too great for him to give up and find a regular job.
  • Junior is not only passionate about acting but music as well, he studied at the Academy of Sound Engineering (ASE) but later dropped out due to personal reasons.
  • He has an international award under his belt for his role in the award-winning┬ámovie - Beat The Drum.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Junior_Singo