Rockville’s Bassie is all about her craft & impressing the Ferguson’s

Kamo Modisakeng is in this business for the long run.

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Kamo Modi

Rockville’s Bassie aka Kamo Modisakeng speaks about her acting experience on Rockville and how she’d never want to disappoint Connie Ferguson.

You've been receiving quite a lot of positive feedback from the public since your debut on Mzansi Magic's Rockville how have you been taking the sudden fame?

The amount of positive feedback I've received was never expected. I had actually prepared myself more for a backlash from audiences but the comments and support have been so beautiful.

 I try read and reply to each tweet, text, Whatsaap. It's overwhelming to get so much positive support from strangers even over such a controversial role. 

Kamogelo Modisakeng

What's a day like on the set of Rockville & who is the craziest cast member of the bunch? 

The first few days on set were just Mr Themba Ndaba and myself, but once we moved shooting to Mavis' home I got to meet everyone else and I must say I clicked the most with Tango Ncetezo(plays Peggy). She's one of those people you'd love to unravel. She keeps to herself but once she opened up I found a friend and mentor in her. 

When you first read the script and found out that Bassie was going to be dating an older man, what was your reaction to the new role?

 When I first found out that Bassie's story line would be that of dating an older man, I had Connie and Shona Ferguson explain to me how they had come to adding this story line to the Rockville series, and what they had aimed to achieve with it.

It was on the basis of raising awareness of the dangers of a 'relationship' such as this. So I had to go home and decide whether I'd be a part of raising awareness and taking a leap with my career or declining and playing it safe for the rest of my life. I guess it's safe to say that I chose the route most would have declined.

You also briefly appeared on Ayeye, what would you say was the difference between acting on Ayeye and Rockville?

Ayeye was tons of fun. Wow, all actors on the set of Ayeye were just a ball of laughter. It was pretty much 'another day with a bunch of friends'. Rockville on the other hand, I had to work work work work constantly.  

There was never a time for chilling and forgetting that as much as acting is fun, it is still work. Working so closely alongside seasoned actress, Connie Ferguson, also forces you to get your act together and pull your socks up at all times. You wouldn't want to ever disappoint her. 

The Ferguson's are highly respected in the TV & film production industry, how was it like auditioning for such a power house?

As much as I am a rookie in this acting thing, when you step into a room with the Ferguson's, they DEMAND presence without a single word.

 I was so nervous for my first interview that I was 30 minutes early but once they walked in they made me feel so comfortable, allowed me to take my time with it and even when I fluffed my lines they understood and let it be. Try and try again.


Besides Rockville what other acting gigs do you have coming for the next year and even the future?

Currently there is nothing that I have lined up but this does not mean that this is the last that people will see of me. Keep watching, I'll be back. 

Have you found yourself being in an incident where a viewer judged you for dating an older man in the story?

Fortunately for me, I haven't experienced the backlash from someone who couldn't extinguish between the character and myself. I take each tweet, mention, comment aimed at 'Bassie' as criticism for her as a character and not myself. 

Name 5 perks about acting on Rockville?

Five perks of acting on Rockville would have to be first and foremost, the exposure it's granted me to the industry. 2) Working along side people I grew up watching. 3) Learning the tricks of the trade. 4) Building relationships with people I never thought I would have. 5) Again, it would have to be exposure, exposure, exposure. 

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